Quality Manager in the automotive industry (lines, valves and thermostats)

Time period:
2015/04 – 2016/07

Quality Manager in the automotive industry


  • Metal industry
  • Automotive industry (pipes, valves and thermostats)


  • 10.53 million €


  • 30.000


  • Germany


  • Complaint processing using 8D reports 
  • Experience with pipes, thermostats or valves


  • Practical intensive training of the individual MA during troubleshooting
  • Scientific investigation and documentation of a repeat error


  • Project lead on exit from Qhelp3, with success on Qhelp1.
  • Complaint support for repeat complaints and new issues
  • Supplier and customer support (German and English-speaking regions)
  • Error management (monitoring of 8D meetings, documentation)
  • Constant cooperation with Daimler Trucks and Passenger cars
  • Preparation of a production relocation (from Germany to Hungary) for VW (Skoda & Audi), Daimler, BMW, Ford, Continental

Special challenge:

  • Production was relocated, employees no longer motivated
  • In the initial phase, occasional aversion to outsiders noticeable
  • Convince project managers that a scientific examination of a defect is financially worthwhile and can yield far-reaching optimization results
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