Deputy Quality Manager in the metal industry (contract manufacturing electron beam welding)

Time period:

2019/03 – 2020/03

Deputy Quality Manager in the metal industry

Area of responsibility: 4 professionally managed employees


  • Metal industry
  • Contract manufacturing electron beam


  • 60 million €


  • 430


  • Germany


  • Reduction of open complaints
  • Sustainable elimination of repeat complaints
  • Auditing (qualification) of suppliers
  • Ensuring quality throughout the process


  • Coordination with individual customers about open complaints
  • Introduction of transparent error culture: graphic posting of errors on the store floor; daily regular meetings with the specialist departments and discussion of open complaints (8D method)
  • Practical training of the individual employees in troubleshooting
  • Understanding of errors increased by statements such as: It is not the individual who is to blame for the error, but the system. Because if the system is not right, anyone can make the mistake.
  • Transparent error culture exemplified and introduced (search not for culprits, but for solutions)
  • Support during supplier audits and qualification of suppliers
  • Creation of key figures in quality management
  • Revision of audit checklists
  • Preparation of a structured supplier and complaint management system


  • Reduction of customer complaints
  • Increased understanding of the error culture

Special challenge:

  • Attitude of employees was not optimal, as they felt little sense of responsibility up to now (no responsibility was given to them so far)
  • No one had initially admitted mistakes
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