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About me

My destination: I have
learned from the bottom up

I did my apprenticeship as a toolmaker at the age of 15 and have been developing steadily since vocational school. That also makes me a little proud. My first station after the apprenticeship was the foreman, directly followed by or parallel to the engineer. This was followed by a Bachelor of Science degree.

Because my training has always been part-time, I have learned my profession from the bottom up. Today, this makes it easy for me to communicate at eye level with everyone in the company – from the production staff to the managing director.

I can recognize the connections between process flows and technical problems very well and develop holistic strategies: be it the optimization of processes or/and products or the increase of permanent or temporary staff.


Interim Manager since 2015

You can find a selection of my projects on the Projects page.

Permanent positions

2012 - 2014

Quality Manager at iSi Automotive

Industry: Automotive

Produced: Airbags complete

  • Supplier and customer support (German and English-speaking regions)
  • Error management (monitoring of 8D meetings, documentation)
  • Sampling (automotive standards, internal regulations)
  • Create and supervise qualifications (automatic welding machines, measuring systems)
  • Cooperation with QS, Dispo, Purchasing, Logistics, GF
  • Creation of the intranet Q presence for the company

2011 - 2012

Configuration Manager at Schiebel

Industry: Aeronautics

Produced: Helicopter drones and mine detectors

  • Prepare a configuration management
  • Creation of a release process of parts and assemblies
  • Training of the release process (approx. 60 MA)
  • Development of customer documentation with program management

2010 - 2011

Quality Manager at Otto Bock

Industry: Medical technology

Produced: Hand and foot prostheses

  • Accompaniment of validations
  • Development of error database with categorization for complaint management
  • Statistical evaluations
  • Establishment of a key performance indicator system for quality management

2009 - 2010

Technician at JTI/Austria Tobacco

Industry: Luxury food

Produced: Cigarettes

  • Project activity
  • Conversion to SAP in the area of spare parts and technical translation (English)
  • Reconciliations with the programs: SiS, Excel and SAP
  • Obtaining information (topicality, price, …) from suppliers (German-English)

2003 - 2008

Quality Manager at Electrovac AG

Industry: Electrical industry

Produces: rod controllers (heating plates), click controllers for coffee machines, oxygen sensors

  • SAP support for work preparation (material masters, bills of material and routings) and quality management
  • Accompaniment of the production to obtain ISO 9001:2004
  • Creation of quality-relevant documents that are required for the manufacture of a product
  • Statistics and REFA
  • Preparation of operating manuals for the systems developed in-house

2002 - 2003

Quality Manager at Amtec Ges.m.b.

Industry: Automotive

Produced: Radioblinds

  • Advanced quality management
  • Customer support in all quality-related matters
  • Processing of complaints
  • Creation and processing of initial sample inspection reports
  • Travel domestically and internationally to monitor / improve production


  • QM Supplier Auditor (TÜV Rheinland)
  • Quality Technician ST (Quality Austria)
  • Quality Technician QII (Quality Austria)
  • Quality Management and Applied Statistics QMAS (Quality Austria)
  • System Representative Quality QMB (Quality Austria)

"I did an apprenticeship as a toolmaker, then my master craftsman. I am an engineer and a Bachelor of Science. I am understood by the people on the machine, the technicians and the management."

Ronald Waldherr

"I did an apprenticeship as a toolmaker, then my master craftsman. I am an engineer and a Bachelor of Sience. I am understood by the people on the machine, the technicians and the management."

Ronald Waldherr

Memberships & Networks

DÖIM – Umbrella Organization for Austrian Interim Management

DÖIM is a national platform by and for professionals in the field of interim management. The purposes are to publicize and promote the profession of interim managers, exchange experience and network among members, and maintain quality standards. Membership in DÖIM is considered proof of high quality in interim management.

More information at www.döim.org

DDIM – Dachgesellschaft Deutsches Interim Management e.V.

DDIM is the leading industry representation for professional interim management in Germany. The main tasks of the professional and business association are the protection of the economic interests of its members and the sustainable promotion of interim management in Germany. DDIM defines professional standards, promotes quality assurance and supports the transfer of knowledge among its members. Membership in the umbrella organization is considered proof of high quality and competence in interim management.

More information at www.ddim.de

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